U30563 - Traditional British Christmas

Kursnummer: U30563
Leitung: Chris Folkmar
Ort: Moers, Hermann Gemeiner Berufskolleg, Landwehrstraße 27, Küche
Gebühr 40 Euro
Belegstatus Buchung möglich - Buchung möglich
Datum Beginn Ende
Donnerstag, 12.12.201918 Uhr21:30 Uhr
Beschreibung Wichtiger Hinweis: Die Lebensmittelpauschale muss auch bei nicht termingerechter Abmeldung oder Nichterscheinen bezahlt werden.

Do you have plans for Christmas dinner 2019, yet? No? Will it be roasted goose or potato salad with sausages? Would you like some new inspirational ideas and tips to liven up your Christmas dining table? Come join and cook with us a traditional British Christmas Dinner. You will be sure to discover a new sense for the British cuisine, and find it is much more delicious than its reputation claims. Please note that the required level of English to participate in this course is at least B1. In case you are not sure whether you meet the language requirement, please contact us at 0 28 41 / 201-969. Things to bring: a sharp knife, a dish towel and your choice of beverages. Last but not least - your appetite and a smile, of course. Die Lebensmittelpauschale von 25 Euro ist in der Kursgebühr enthalten.

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